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Visual merchandising design is a true art form. But an art form with a hard-headed commercial focus. At its heart lies the goal of allowing your products to be sold as efficiently as possible, with the greatest possible profitability. To do so, you need to be eye-catching, intriguing and engaging, persuading visitors to become customers, and customers to become repeat customers. Sitting alongside that central goal is a wide array of further considerations and retail objectives – customer loyalty, competitive advantage and brand awareness, among many others. Successful visual merchandising then, requires significant expertise and knowledge of the multitude of factors that combine to achieve success. ARNO can offer your business that expertise and knowledge, helping you deliver maximum impact in terms of your merchandising and product display.

Find the right balance

One of the long-standing fundamentals of visual merchandising is finding the right blend of light, colour and sound to encourage customers to engage with your displays. We’re experts in co-ordinating every aspect of your premises to make products and promotions easy to find, to enhance upselling opportunities and to encourage multiple purchases.

Be a storyteller

Today’s customer engagement is often driven by story telling. And your visual merchandising should be no different. We can help you arrange your products and displays around central ‘themes’ that draw customers in, perhaps based on a brand message, an event, an environment or a character. 

Bring them into the light

Lighting is one of the most effective ways to draw customers into a visual product display. Whether it’s in a wall bay, window display or wider in-store solution or shop display, our visual merchandising proposals always have a strong focus on the use of light. We use it to create standout and breathe life into products. We apply different lighting systems to create different moods. We also use lighting to guide the eyes of customers within your retail environment, ensuring the right products are displayed at the right point on their journey through your premises.

Change for the better

Another critical factor in truly effective visual merchandising is change. There is nothing less appealing to a customer than being presented with the same displays on every visit to your premises. For this reason, our visual merchandising designs are always delivered on the basis that a series of displays – rather than a single proposal – will be required if we’re to achieve the results your business is looking for. Of course, the creation of this series will be done in close collaboration with you.

The perfect layout

Store layout is also of vital importance in your visual merchandising. Retail fixtures, aisle direction and the physical location of your displays all have a major impact on the success of your solutions. ARNO will help you identify the best possible ways to optimise the layout of your premises, helping to encourage longer customer stays in desired areas and to prevent visual merchandising to be lost behind any potential roadblocks.

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