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Shop Fitting systems increase your sales whilst saving on costs! But how do we do that? ARNO as a shop fitting supplier uses the latest techniques and the latest results from studies on consumer behaviour at the point of sale to provide a successful Shop Fitting experience. 


We incorporate this research with the design process and store concepts to produce furniture which enables Shop Fitting to be done in a smart and quick way. The Shop fitting system elements build on each other and can be combined. This can generate more presentation space whilst shop fitting to integrate generous space for brand presentation such as graphics and logos. Most importantly we combine all of this knowledge with years of experience as a shop fitter to provide a Shop Fitting service at a lower cost. 

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Shop fitting equipment and refurbishments for multiple industries


ARNO not only offers new shopfitting concepts, but can continue and develop existing concepts and designs. In many cases we even achieve significant savings without changing the appearance this is achieved by our Value Engineering and optimized design ideas. In our projects in the field of shop fitting you will encounter no limits on the selection of materials available. Money and time can be saved whilst planning a shop fitting with ARNO by using modular elements.


The design of various fixtures and furniture can be manipulated by reducing the quantity of individual pieces which can lower the cost of production and Shop Fitting. This approach also simplifies installation, as often the same elements are used offering a fast, high quality shop fitting experience at a price you will like.



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"The transformation from a dark facility to a vibrant showroom is truly amazing. You feel the positive energy the moment you enter."


"A really big thank you to all of you for all your hard work to ensure the amazing outcome of the new store."

Global Head of Merchandising

"We are very pleased with the new furniture being installed by ARNO into our Dealerships."

Dealer Manager

Conception when Shop Fitting


Whilst fitting a shop, adaptations can be created to add new elements, to an existing Shop fit which will improve customer interaction and increase sales. By cleverly integrating new concepts such as displays for counters or interactive presentation systems it can connect online fashion to the store. We can install and create the right fit for these elements in no time. Many different furnishes are needed to set up an entire store,


before we begin any project we can provide you with several design variants, which differ in shape and size, but also in the choice of materials. For your shopfitting you can choose a standard variant of metal or a fine wood for premium quality. At ARNO we offer different furnishing advice depending on your individual fitting needs and your desired price for the Shop Fitting process.

Our Shop Fitters


Our ARNO  headquarters in Germany and our offices in the UK well as our offices in Turkey, China and USA, act as a global Shop Fitter with fast delivery and short construction times. We install displays, interactive presentation systems and furniture in stores and shop in shops around the world, whether in London, New York or Sydney.


ARNO can provide the necessary language skills for all International Shop fittings to ensure smooth communications. Our team at ARNO consist of on-site native speakers which provide fast and error-free installation. Our logistics team are very familiar with all aspects of deliveries and customs, which ensures that the timing of the delivery for shop fitting is always guaranteed.

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