Point of Sale – Design of shops & systems at the POS

At the Point of Sale, customers come in contact with brands and products. Often this is the place where the first encounter with a brand or a specific product takes place. This makes a tailored presentation at the point of sale extremely important. The design of the POS placement helps the customer to draw conclusions about the brand and categorise them. If an expensive, high-quality product is sold, the presentation must match it accordingly, otherwise the customer cannot clearly recognise the intrinsic value of the product. In contrast, prices that should be perceived as bargains must also be presented in a correspondingly simpler manner. Otherwise, the customer can consciously or unconsciously perceive a contradiction between the value of the product, its price and the on-site presentation.

Brand and product presentation at the POS

The recognition factor at the point of sale also plays an important role. Customers who have seen the TV or print advertising must immediately recognise that the product or brand at the POS is the one they know from advertising, otherwise many millions of euros of advertising budget were spent in vain.


We at ARNO know how this recognition effect can be generated:

  • Design of shop furniture in the corporate identity colours of the brand
  • Conspicuous placement of the logo on the furniture, repeatedly if suitable
  • Picking up other visuals and slogans from commercials

Competitors at the point of sale

If your brand is not placed in your own store, but in a POS environment where various other brands are also presented, there are other important aspects to be considered. In this scenario you have to generate awareness that goes beyond mere ‘goods presentation’.


How can this be achieved on large areas, such as those found in a department store or hardware store? ARNO can draw on many years of experience in the implementation of shop-in-shop systems at the POS and knows what is needed:

Long-distance effect:

The SiS or part of the system should at least be so high that it can be seen properly from a distance and the brand can be recognised.


To differentiate the brand visibly from other competitors, it is recommended to build a separate floor that demarcates the area for larger shop-in-shop systems. This usually has the positive side-effect that the SiS generates a higher-quality effect and that a small brand world is created.


Intuitive customer guidance at the POS furniture:

Whether display, shop-in-shop or wall element, the sales units must be structured in a way that customers will quickly orient themselves and find the product they are looking for with little effort.

Point of sale: Requirements

At ARNO we know that the requirements of different target groups must be taken into account. In addition to the end customer, who plays an important role, the retail trade and its requirements must also be incorporated in the planning. 

  • Which area does the retail trade make available at the point of sale? 
  • What is the height of the POS furniture that cannot or may not be exceeded?
  • Must certain materials be used or avoided due to fire protection measures?

 Last but not least, the brand also has certain requirements as to how it wants to present itself at the POS. All these requirements need to be incorporated in the development process. And at ARNO we have been doing this with great success for 85 years. Come talk to us about your project and we will develop a concept jointly with you on how to present your brand at the POS.

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