Our company stands for the highest quality, professionalism and innovation.


Our strengths: Family business, full service provider, global network. Our team consists of designers, project managers, engineers, buyers, logisticians and other highly skilled professionals. We combine experienced professionals with promising young talent and pride ourselves on our dynamic mix. Our work is guided by values such as enthusiasm, reliability, passion and future viability. We firmly believe that continuous improvement is the key to delivering excellent long-term results for our customers. This is why we are the “Partner of Choice” for many strong brands and retailers.


“At ARNO we were, are and remain service providers with heart and soul.”

Tim Arnholdt, Co-Owner

“The challenges in the retail trade focus on enthusiasm and emotional appeal for consumers.”

Sophie Keim, Co-Owner

“A productive and trusting supplier relationship is an essential endeavour in order to remain competitive.”

Alien Wolter, Co-Owner

We serve Retail Success all over the world


As an international group with six locations across Germany, the UK, Turkey, China, and a strategic alliance in the USA, we are committed to serving our global customers. Our approach is always tailored to meet market and country-specific needs, ensuring successful shopping experiences worldwide.

From creating window display concepts to becoming a global player in 85 years


Good things take time. With this credo in mind, we have been developing over the decades with caution and control, but always with our sights firmly set on success.

1936 Early days Early days 1936 - Elfriede and Herrmann Arnholdt

The name speaks for itself.

Herrmann Arnholdt, affectionately known as 'Arno', established the foundation for our success through window displays. As the name suggests, the creative young entrepreneur and his wife Elfriede design, manufacture and sell window displays that showcase and bring products to life. Their customer base primarily consists of retailers specializing in jewelry, watches, photos, and optics. The company promptly gained a reputation for being at the forefront of the industry, excelling in artistic creativity with its creations. 

1955 Quantum Leap Quantum leap 1955 - company building in Ruit

The move to Ruit

The production of window displays in the fifties is the stage for ARNO's success. And success needs space to grow, which is why ARNO moves from Stuttgart-Sonnenberg to nearby Ruit. The new ARNO company building offers space for its own production, which becomes the basis for further growth and independence.

1968 Industrialisation New age: Industrialisation 1968

Expanding production


Demand continues to grow. So do the requirements for quantities and delivery dates. That is why we are expanding our production capacity. New building, new machines, new times. ARNO begins semi-industrial production.

1972 Next Generation Next generation 1972 - Frank und Heike Arnholdt

Strengthening management


The ARNO management recruits from within: Frank and Heike Arnholdt join Herrmann and Elfriede Arnholdt in the family business. Two generations join forces.

1980 Product Staging Product staging 1980

Expanding the portfolio: shop-in-shop


Salesrooms become showrooms. ARNO recognises the future opportunities in product and brand presentation at the POS. Shop-in-shop systems and store design are added to the portfolio.

1983 Generational shift Generational shift - Frank und Hermann Arnholdt

Handover to the 2nd generation


Company founder Herrmann Arnholdt hands over responsibility to his son Frank Arnholdt. Like everything else at ARNO, the change of generation is prepared with foresight and care: Frank Arnholdt had already worked alongside his father for 11 years when he was appointed sole managing director in 1983.

1985 Relocation Relocation 1985 - company building in Wolfschlugen

Hello Wolfschlugen!

Growing tasks require a strategic move. The choice fell on Wolfschlugen, where the new ARNO headquarters are being built on Daimlerstrasse. Here, too, there is plenty of space for future growth.

1993 Pioneer in sustainability Pioneer in sustainability 1993 - newspaper article

“Müll minimal”


In 1993, ARNO was awarded the first "Müll minimal" prize by the Esslingen district's industrial waste advisory board. Since then, ARNO has consistently pursued a policy of waste reduction through the increased use of wood and metal, the collection of single type plastics as well as recycling and waste separation throughout the company.

1994 Munich Arno Design in Munich 1994 - Haberlander, Nassiri und Neuleib

ARNO Design Munich


ARNO Design GmbH is established in Munich. New business areas are developed: Exhibition stand construction, showrooms, event architecture, business lounges and congresses.

1997 ARNO Digital ARNO digital 1997 - Alien Wolter

A pioneer in digital retail


“Our father was the first in the industry to set up an interactive digital solutions company over 20 years ago.”

1999 Great Britain ARNO in Great Britain 1999



After more than 60 years, the company is ready for the island! ARNO takes over the FORDS company in Bristol and renames it ARNO GB. The creation of the first foreign subsidiary on the basis of a competitor excellently established in the British market is an important step towards becoming a global player.

2000 Vertical Growth Vertikales growth 2000 - company building extended by two floors

Two new floors for the headquarters

Far-sighted planning pays off: the Wolfschlugen building, built in 1985, is being extended by two storeys. This extension was already taken into account when the building was planned in 1985.

2006 Logistics Centre Opening Logistics Center Opening 2006

The new ARNO Logistics Centre


6500 square metres of floor space, 7000 pallet spaces and six ramps. The new ARNO Logistics Centre in Wolfschlugen makes the company even more efficient and independent.

2008 New Minds Distribution of responsibility 2008 - Tim Arnholdt und Alien Wolter

Next generation of leaders

After 25 years as managing director, Frank Arnholdt hands over the reins. Daughter Alien Wolter (née Arnholdt) and son Tim Arnholdt are appointed managing directors. Both have been active in the company since 2004 and 2002 respectively. Alien Wolter is responsible for marketing and corporate strategy, Tim Arnholdt for sales and business development.

2008 China ARNO in China 2008

New office: Guangzhou

Hello China! The new presence in the port city of Guangzhou with its 10 million inhabitants is another important base in the company's expansion eastwards. ARNO is in good company with its choice of location: almost 9000 multinational companies also have branches in Guangzhou.

2011 Istanbul ARNO in Istanbul 2011

Internationalisation to Istanbul

With the establishment of ARNO Turkey, ARNO is taking a further strategic step towards Eastern Europe. Turkey offers great potential in terms of new customers, but also in terms of efficient suppliers.

2012 Creative competence Creative competence 2012 - Sophie Keim born Arnholdt joined the company

Fresh perspectives


Stepping into the business, Sophie Keim (née Arnholdt) began working alongside her mother Heike Arnholdt in the design management. With her fresh perspectives, she took the reins of the design department, infusing it with a dynamic new approach.

2013 Change of Management Change of management 2013 - Steffen Rothmeier, Tim Arnholdt und Alien Wolter

The 3rd generation takes over

A new management team is appointed. Alien Wolter, Tim Arnholdt and Steffen Rothmeier take over the management of the ARNO Group. Frank Arnholdt is chairman of the advisory board, but withdraws from the operational business. ARNO remains a family-run business - in the third generation since 2013.

2016 Anniversary 80 years ARNO anniversary 2016

80 years of ARNO

A family business with a passion for success. For 80 years and now in its third generation, ARNO has succeeded in combining apparent opposites to design and realise unique projects for its customers. We combine the innovation of a design agency with the cost-consciousness of a manufacturer, typical Swabian solidity with international growth, and are both regionally rooted and at home in the world.

2016 Shanghai

Opening of the Shanghai office

The ARNO Group has opened its own office in Shanghai in 2016 in order to implement customer projects holistically from this location. This was a strategic decision taken by the management with the aim of strengthening projects in the Asian market and offering ARNO customers in this region an even better and more comprehensive service.

2020 Carbon neutral for the first time CO2 neutral for the first time

We are proud to announce: We are carbon neutral!


This is another step in the right direction for us - not least thanks to our solar system on our logistics centre at ARNO HQ:
Acting in a resource-saving and future-oriented way.

2021 Joining the Climate Alliance BW Joining the Klimabündnis BW

A pioneer in climate protection


As a pioneer in climate protection, ARNO has joined the Climate Alliance BW.
As a climate-conscious company, we enter into this partnership with the state of Baden-Württemberg and commit ourselves to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using resources more efficiently. On the way to climate neutrality, we have set ourselves the target of reducing our total greenhouse gas emissions by at least 195 tonnes by 2032.

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