ARNO x Globetrotter: From log cabin to promotion area


The Globetrotter “Clubhütte” project presents a fascinating implementation of the unique club cabin concept. In cooperation with Globetrotter, one of Europe's largest outdoor retailers based in Hamburg, we created a impressive atmosphere. Inspired by rustic log cabins, handcrafted beams of flamed spruce wood were used to convey a sense of naturalness and outdoor experience.


Our technical development, production and installation have contributed to the Club Cabin being available in German Globetrotter shops as a unique retreat and event area.

“The Globetrotter Clubhütte is versatile and creates a unique customer experience.”

Multifunctional room concept


The special feature of this project is the design of the club cabin as a multifunctional space concept. By using flexible wall and seating elements, the hut can be converted into an activity area in a short time to facilitate lectures, workshops and other events. The carefully selected handcrafted beams of flamed spruce give the hut an authentic character and create an inviting atmosphere for customers.



High quality standards


The challenges in implementing this project involved the technical development, production and installation of the clubhouse. It required precise planning and cooperation to ensure the flexibility of the wall and seating elements while meeting the high quality standards. In addition, integrating the cabin concept into the existing shop structure was a challenging task to enable a smooth transition between the different areas of the shop.



Offering flexible retreats


The result is an impressive club cabin that makes the Globetrotter Shop in Shop a unique place. The visual design of the rustic log cabin combined with the flexibility of the activity space creates an engaging customer experience. Customers can retreat to the club hut while participating in exciting events and activities. Thanks to careful technical development, production and installation, Globetrotter is now equipped with an inviting space that reflects the customers' love of adventure and nature.

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